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Current Projects Open for Enrollment

HIV/AIDS Title: “An International, Multicenter, Prospective Observational Study of the Safety of Maraviroc Used with Optimized Background Therapy in Treatment Experienced HIV 1 Infected Patients” (POEM)
  Sponsor: Pfizer, Inc.
  Phase: IV (observational, post-marketing)
  Principal Investigator: Helmut Albrecht, MD
  Study Coordinator:  
  Sites: 2 Medical Park, Suite 506 (USC Infectious Disease Clinic)
    1 Medical Park, Suite 420 (Midlands Care Consortium/Ryan White Clinic)
  Project Details: This protocol is designed by Pfizer Inc. for patients who would like to or need to change their drug therapy. It is a project designed to show the long term safety of HIV medication Selzentry™ (maraviroc). A screening lab sample (Trofile, which tests if Maraviroc will work for you) will be drawn on your visit with the study doctor, and then you will be notified on whether or not you will be prescribed the medication. Note: You do NOT have to take maraviroc to participate in this study.
  Inclusion Criteria: Male or female, age 18+, HIV-1 infected, previously-failed ARV therapy
  Enrollment Notes: Enrolling until 1,700 subjects are entered in US
  Duration: Indefinite
  For more information: 803-540-1061 or Email