General Internal Medicine

PCMH level 3 certified

The Division of General Internal Medicine plays a central role in medical education for the internal medicine residency and for each of the four years of medical school. Members of the division include the chair of the Department of Medicine, the director and associate director of the residency, the director of the residents’ internal medicine clinic, the course directors for the third- and fourth-year required student clerkships in medicine, and an assistant dean of the medical school. In addition to teaching clinical medicine in the inpatient and outpatient settings, General Internal Medicine faculty members teach a variety of topics such as evidence-based medicine, critical review of the literature, medical ethics, and physical diagnosis. Members of the division also see patients in the faculty practice and conduct research, especially in the areas of preventive medicine, medical education, and bioethics.

Allan S. Brett, MD - Director
Shawn Chillag, MD (Department Chair)
Donald J. DiPette, MD
Elizabeth Edwards, MD
Christopher W. Goodman, MD
Davinder K. Lally Guram, MD
Mary Beth Poston, MD (Residency Program Director)
Nancy A. Richeson, MD
Andrew W. Sides, MD
M. Shawn Stinson, MD
Gregg Talente, MD, MS, FAAP
Tracy E. Robertson Voss, MD
Michael Wagner, MD