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Welcome to the Research Unit for the Department of Internal Medicine

R. David Parker, PhD

Helmut Albrecht, MD

The Research Unit functions to incorporate biomedical and health sciences research with clinical practice through the use of translational research methods.  Driven through investigator initiated methods, the Research Unit develops projects for industry, foundation, governmental and projects funded through other avenues. The Unit coordinates other efforts for the Internal Medicine faculty.  We have experience in FDA Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials as well as large federally-funded, multi-disciplinary projects.  Our faculty is involved in both clinical and academic work, so their research is relevant to improving clinical care for patients on both the micro and macro levels, hence our focus on translational research. Our mission and primary goal is to close the gap between research, practice, and education, thus resulting in improved health outcomes, increased scientific understanding, and expanded opportunities for faculty, residents, staff and students.  


Helmut Albrecht, MD
Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine
Research Director, Department of Internal Medicine
2 Medical Park, Suite 205
Columbia, SC 29203