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Medical Students Forms  ||  M-III Clerkship Group 4 Lecture Schedule

Clerkship Contacts

Welcome to your Internal Medicine clerkship. We are genuinely delighted to have you join us for this short period. On the clerkship, you will likely only get a small glimpse into the world of internal medicine. Nevertheless, through this experience, we expect that you will acquire fundamental skills, reinforce and expand your knowledge, and develop personally and professionally. We hope that this experience drives you to want to learn more and experience more of what internal medicine has to offer. We wish you the most exciting, stimulating, rewarding, and transforming experience possible over the upcoming weeks.

Clerkship Director:

Caroline Powell, MD, MS                                   
803 540 1000 or 545 5317 – office
803 954 6652 – pager
803 754 7019 – home

Assistant Clerkship Directors:

Mary Beth Poston, MD, MS 
Ultrasound Education                       
803 540 1000 – office
803 954 5419 – pager

Davinder Lally, MD 
M4 ClerkshipDdirector                                                 
803 540 1000 – office
803 954 2316 – pager

Clerkship Coordinator:

Megan Gleaton                                               
803 545 5316